Tips For A Great First Dance

The second part of your wedding is the reception. The atmosphere of the reception is definitely the opposite of the church ceremony – fun, carefree, filled with merriment and love. You get to celebrate the start of your marriage with people you love.
One of the first things that you do as newlyweds is have your first dance. It will set the tone for the rest of the celebration even though the dance will last a few minutes. The song choice is entirely yours. Making sure that your dance is perfect as it can be depends on the effort you make too.

The Perfect Song
Choosing the song for your first dance is important. As a couple you should select a song that reflects your relationship. The first thing that you can do is list down a few songs together and start short listing the songs. Depending on the type of dance you want to perform you can even select your song. Remember that just because a song is great to sing-a-long does not mean that it will flow smoothly for a first dance. So listen to each song carefully before you select.

Practice makes perfect
If you are new to dancing with a partner you need to consider getting some help. You cannot make a fool of yourself because this is your wedding. If you do not have a friend or relative who can guide you with your dance sign up for bridal dance lessons Melbourne and practice away. If you are not well coordinated, it is best that you stick to simple steps.

Your attire
The bride should take her dress into consideration when finalizing the song and the dance. You would not want to trip and wall over your dress or your veil while dancing. If you are wearing a poufy dress we do not recommend you trying When you are practicing wear a similar pair of shoes that you will be wearing for your wedding.

If you get a chance, go and practice on the dancefloor at the reception hall. This will help you get an idea of the size of the dancefloor and you can change your steps accordingly.

Don’t forget to look at your life partner and smile while you dance. You will feel quite emotional as you look in each other’s eyes. Enjoy it! This is also a good technique to make sure that you won’t look at the dancefloor. It is you wedding day! So don’t forget to have fun even if you make a mistake. Don’t criticize your partner if they make a mistake. Just go with the flow.